Pinion Basics

"The new P1.12 is conquering the trails of the world. This 12-speed transmission is optimised for MTB and touring. In the marathon the light P1.12 offers the standard Pinion comfort paired with absolute reliability. With its high bandwidth it far exceeds the performance of modern 2×10 derailleur transmissions. The superior, perfectly stepped gearing allows riders to climb hills even more easily and they can also go a bit faster downhill. The encapsulated transmission is always ready for use. It is unaffected by sand, mud, rain or snow. And even when the trail becomes more cluttered and narrower, the transmission cannot be affected by branches or stones.

The Pinion P1.12 on high-end touring bicycles means top quality and reliability for the life of the bicycle. And for longer. The transmission allows a low central centre of gravity This position ensures outstanding handling and excellent riding dynamics combined with minimum maintenance and care requirements. Regardless of whether it is in daily use or on long trips."