Spoke Magazine Tests The Zerode Taniwha

Rob Metz helping to get The Zerode Taniwha ready to go.

"All of the above said and done, where the Taniwha actually excels is in the ride quality. As soon as you turn a crank you’re immediately aware of something different, something mechanical and strong, in a good way. The Pinion 12 speed whirs away beneath you as you effortlessly spin pedals along the fire road. There’s very little resistance and feedback, far less than expected, and certainly no different than a traditional set-up. There’s a freewheel in the gearbox itself as well as in Pinion’s own rear single speed hub used in all of Zerode’s build options, offering almost instant pick-up with minimal fuss. What this also means is due to not needing space for a 10, 11 or 12 speed cassette, the hub flanges can be evenly spaced apart resulting in no dish to the rear wheel and consequentially a far superior rear wheel build – stiffer, cheaper to repair, lighter and ultimately stronger. "

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Zerode Taniwha review by Spoke Magazine