Zerode Taniwha Build One Thoughts

We got our Taniwha frame almost two months back. It was the typical bike industry behind schedule by about 12 days but not too bad. The boats take awhile to get across the ocean. Overall our frame went together without any issues. All the contact points where smooth, bur free and when using the mic the BB and headset measured evenly.

We typically run more downhill oriented builds on our bikes. Many people where concerned with the Zerode Taniwha's weight due to The Pinion gearbox. This adds about 800 grams over a traditional SRAM Eagle system using a Chainguide would. Our complete LG Taniwha came in at 34.2 LBS including pedals. We are using WTB Convict and Breakout tires both in TCS casings so we could save and easy pound and a half off that weight if we really wanted to. Overall I would guess most Taniwha bikes to weigh between 32-34 lbs complete.

We made the mistake of not watching this video when setting up The Pinion Gearbox. So we had to go get more shifter cables and give it another go. It took some tweaking but wasn't to bad we spent about 20 minutes getting it all lined up and ready to shift!

Overall the Zerode feels pretty good on the trail. It pedals well I have used the shock with and without the pedal switch active. Using the switch the bike is very firm but still manages to soak up the rougher terrain somewhat. You do loose traction on loose rocks when the shock is locked out so keep that in mind. It is pretty lively and is easy top move around on the trail. Cornering is my weakness but The Taniwha is pretty easy to corner with. It is very easy to manual the bike and seems to like pumping the backside of features. I have about 200 miles on the bike so far it is out in the wild now being checked over by a possible dealer so I am anxious to get it back! See our complete build below we can do a build like this if you are interested in buying a complete Taniwha.

Zerode Taniwha Pro Build

  1. Zerode Taniwha Pro Build
  2. Zerode Taniwha Large Frame Fox X2
  3. Fox 36 Rc2 Fork
  4. Chris King Inset
  5. Gamut Cillos Stem
  6. Enve DH Bars
  7. Hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes 203/183
  8. Industry Nine 305 Enduro Wheels
  9. Fox Transfer 150mm Dropper
  10. WTB Convict TCS-WTB Breakout TCS
  11. Fabric Saddle
  12. ESI Grips