Zerode Taniwha Review By Enduro MTB

The UK Distributors over at STIF Cycles got a Taniwha over to Enduro MTB to spend some time on. This is a brief look at what they thought go check out the entire review to see what they thought about The Zerode Taniwha.

"When it comes to range, the 12-speed P1.12 gearbox of the Zerode Taniwha is king: its 600% range is enough to leave any 1x drivetrain cowering in the shadows, even the mighty Eagle. Yes, the gearbox is heavier, but removing a 600 g lump of cassette and derailleurs from the rear wheel allows the suspension to react faster and with more control.

Moving weight from the unsprung rear axle to instead sit inside the bottom bracket makes perfect engineering sense, putting the centre of mass where it should be and improving balance. It’s stronger, too: the zero-dish singlespeed hub allows for a stronger wheel and offers a perfect chainline to reduce stress on the chain. The Taniwha is off to a good start before we have even turned the pedals."