Zerode Taniwha Review By Factory Jackson


Factory Jackson had a chance to ride a Taniwha with Zerode creator Rob Metz. Here is a brief quote of their thoughts on he bike click link below to read the rest of the review.

"The Zerode Taniwha offers a different kind of ride quality to the usual carbon super bikes. As soon as you turn a crank you’re immediately aware of something different – something mechanical and strong. The Pinion 12 speed whirrs away beneath you as you effortlessly spin pedals along the fire road. There’s very little resistance and feedback – far less than expected.

There’s a freewheel in the gearbox itself as well as in Pinion’s own rear single speed hub that offers almost instant pick-up with minimal fuss. Another bonus is the hub flanges can be evenly spaced with no dish – building a stronger and stiffer rear wheel.

Additionally, not having a rear mech means the damping effect of chain growth and overcoming the resistance of a clutch* is eradicated. The Pinion design means chain tension is constant throughout the rear axle’s path resulting in an unbelievably supple, unhindered suspension action.

* clutch mechs add a form of resistance to suspension action, that can be likened to low speed compression.

The extra grip it offers to the back end is insane – rough stuff and braking has almost no effect on braking and traction.

Something else I should mention here is weight distribution. The Zerode Taniwha can be built to weigh jut over 14kg – which is very acceptable for a gearbox bike. Pinion say they’re constantly working to bring the weight of their unit down and plans The real beauty here though, is where that weight is positioned – and boy can you feel the benefits when riding."

Zerode Taniwha Review Factory Jackson