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Graeme Pitts Race Report – Nevada State Championships Bootleg Canyon, January 17-19, 2014

  Happy New Year, and welcome to new and returning sponsors: Zerode Bikes, Canfield Components, Hayes Bicycle Group (Manitou, Sun Ringle, Answer Products), Jagwire, Smith Optics, Cowboy’s Fuzzy Duds, and 5Ten! After extensive testing of a Zerode G2 during the off season, it was great to give it a go at a race. Bootleg Canyon […]

A Little Bit On The Zerode Design

In my experience a lot of people are confused by the Zerode design. I get questions like…. Is that a single speed? Why have you got two chains? What is that black thing in the middle of the frame? Don’t single pivot bikes brake squat jack? I forget that not everyone has an engineering degree […]

High Pivot Suspension?

In my last little rant I touched on how the bump force related to the pivot position and how the high pivot is more effective at eating up bumps and allows you to glide over the rough stuff better… It turns out that there is another benefit to the high pivot. This comes from the […]

Braking Forces In The World Of MTB

This is one area that causes a lot of confusion among MTBers. Brake jack, brake lockout, brake squat, single pivot vs multi pivot…. It’s all very confusing! Actually it’s not very confusing at all. It all comes down to the traction force (tyre on ground) trying to rotate the swing arm about its pivot point […]

Edward Masters Gets 26th At The 2013 Val Di Sole Aboard His Zerode G2

  “Anyone that read the last post about the WC Privateers Pitch will have noted that these guys have a whole lot more on their plate than riding fast down hills. Hats off to Eddy for a 26th in the main event. To many this won’t sound that impressive. However, Eddy was the fastest privateer […]